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Selasa, 25 September 2012

Tentang rasa

Morning all..
ermmm..xde kaitan ngn yg hidup atau yg mati..
there is a guy who have a gf..
but in the same time he befriend with other girls.
in this case,he such a damn because..
he use his sweetness mouth to make all the girls felt.
then all that girl,i think is only his slave..
what a guys like that..
u're not afraid of Karma??
u think u are too good make other like that..
u say love,u say that,u say this????
hope God will open u're eyes 1 day..
changed before late...
before nobody want u..
before u get the punishment..
i hate a liar!!!!

*benci BUAYA DARAT..
*x suka org yg MULUT MANIS!

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