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Rabu, 30 September 2015

I miss the old of us . fazryi

About two month without "nickname"..
I really miss that moment. The old of us. Since we meet each other for the first time on 1st may 2015 my dear.
I wont give up on you, coz ure the last for me. Im trying to always keep calm. Understanding you my love.
But, our communication have been decrease by time.
Morning wish, lunch time, pray time, dinner, tcre, goodnite. For everyday. Thats all our conversation. Hmmm..
For my birthday soon, i hope for our relay to be better as before. I wish the best for us, as long we can be happy, u and me. I will happy if ure happy. Im praying the best for you. For us too. Aminnn..

*psttt, as long as the ring at my finger, then my love to u will keep stronger. Im here for u, and ure there for me. InshaAllah.. 6th month soon. 18.10.15.
Just dont lie to me, be faithful. No matter what happen, me n u we need to be faithful to each other.

*men and women shouldnt lie to a relationship.

* One day, this distance will be over and we will be together forever. InshaAllah

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